Tarzan Tree Service Trimming & Pruning

Trimming and pruning your trees helps them flourish, so they’ll look beautiful and pose no danger to your home and property. When looking at companies to take care of your pruning, it’s essential that you choose the best tree experts so the job will be done the right way. In the Norfolk, VA, Chesapeake, VA, and Virginia Beach, VA areas, those tree experts are right here at Tarzan Tree Service.

Our Tree Pruning Service

By carefully selecting branches to remove, pruning protects the property and the people who live there. A tree with excess branches is dangerous during a storm; if strong winds can’t move through the tree, resistance can cause a tree to topple.

Without proper trimming and pruning services, your tree is vulnerable to diseases that could eventually necessitate tree removal on your Virginia Beach property. We’ve become one of the respected companies through the experience and craftsmanship we bring to our tree pruning services.

Our Tree Pruning and Trimming Services Include:

Crown Cleaning

Branches that are dead, dying, diseased, crowded, weakly attached, or sickly can rob nutrients (from sunlight and the soil) from healthy branches. We remove these unhealthy branches to improve your tree’s health.

Crown Thinning

Unhealthy branches in your tree can block sunlight from reaching healthy branches. They can also add to wind resistance during storms, which is bad news for your tree and your property. We selectively remove some branches to make your tree healthy and safe. 

Crown Raising/Elevating

Low-hanging branches can invade your roof and gutters and touch your home or vehicle. They can also block sunlight from reaching your lawn and sidewalk. By removing these branches, we keep your tree in its place and improve visibility.

Crown Clearing

You don’t want your tree’s limbs to touch your chimney, windows, gutters, or wires that might be on your property. Such limbs can also obstruct walkways and streets, which can annoy your neighbors and be a public safety concern. We remove these branches, so your tree stays out of your way.

Crown Reduction

When a tree suffers storm damage, crown reduction reduces the size of the tree and reshapes the crown, for the health of the tree and for increased safety.

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Tarzan Tree Service Trimming and Pruning

Wound Assessment

We don’t dress wounds on trees, but we do assess these wounds to diagnose the problem. It has long been a myth that dressings have benefits like accelerating wound closure, protecting against insects and disease, or reducing decay. In reality, research shows that dressings can slow or prevent the healing process by sealing in moisture. The best way for a tree to heal is the natural way, without human interference. 

We treat your property as if it were our own, providing expert trimming and tree pruning that beautifies your yard while encouraging healthy fruiting and growth. When needed, we’re one of the trusted companies for emergency tree service near Chesapeake, cleaning up your property with stump removal near Norfolk.

Tarzan Tree Service provides tree trimming and tree pruning services in the Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, VA, Chesapeake, VA, and Norfolk, VA, Contact Tarzan Tree Service right now and let the professionals give your trees the care they deserve!

Fully Insured & Licensed

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I had a 60+ ft Pine in my backyard that was inching its way toward my house so I called Tarzan Tree Service. He gave me a reasonable estimate with the time it would take them to bring it down. They showed up at my house early and did not stop working until everything was down and packed away. Tarzan Tree was professional, kept safety first, and cleaned everything up as if nothing had happened. I would recommend them for any tree service hands down. Great Service!!!