The trees on your property do a lot for you and your family. Shade from trees provides relief from hot weather, leafy branches keep your home private, and sturdy branches offer endless climbing fun for kids. However, heavy storms can turn your beloved trees into dangerous ticking time bombs. You may be used to cleaning up branches or calling experts for tree removal after heavy winds if you notice any trees have fallen down. Something many homeowners don’t know, however, is what to do when a tree is leaning or tilting. Perhaps the tree grows that way, so maybe it can keep on living. Is a leaning tree dangerous? The answer is dependent on a few factors. Keep reading to learn about when you should pay attention to a leaning tree.

Natural Leaning

Like most natural things, trees don’t grow in a perfectly straight line. Some trees lean naturally. To determine if your tree’s lean is natural, you can assess if the trunk is straight the whole way down or if the tree is “self-correcting.” A healthy leaning tree will have a curve but then begin growing straight again. A leaning tree that’s dangerous will maintain a straight trunk. When taking care of your trees, it’s important to schedule regular trimming. There are many tree trimming benefits. For example, in this case, it will help the pros assess the natural growth of your tree and if the leaning is safe or unsafe.

Warning Sign: Suddenly Leaning

If one of your previously straight trees is now leaning significantly after strong winds or another large weather event, this is a cause for concern. The speedy progression of the lean means the tree may be on its way to the ground — or right into the side of your house. Contact a certified arborist to explore your options before the tree falls. They may recommend emergency tree removal or cut back some of the leaning tree to redirect its growth and ensure better weight distribution.

Warning Sign: Cracked Soil

Cracked soil is a bad sign when it accompanies leaning trees. Cracked or otherwise visibly disturbed soil signifies that tree roots are about to come up out of the ground, which can indicate the tree’s connection with the earth is weakened. You may not have to have the tree removed altogether, but you definitely need to call for tree service ASAP.

Warning Sign: Roots Popping Up

Roots popping up is the next step after cracked soil, and it's especially bad when accompanied by a leaning tree. A tree's root system is how it gains nutrients from the soil, and without functioning roots, a tree is as good as dead. Fortunately, some trees can be saved if tree care is performed early enough.

Warning Sign: Too Close for Comfort

If your trees seem to be getting closer, it's definitely time to call a certified arborist. Your leaning tree might not be posing an immediate risk of danger right now, but think about the future and the impact that tree might have when it falls directly on top of you. A tree that is leaning too close to your property can have you losing sleep at night, even if the tree doesn't seem to be moving much. It only takes one big storm for the trunk to crash through your roof and damage your home or harm your family. If your leaning tree is too close to your property for comfort, you might want to schedule tree removal sooner rather than later.

Put a Stop to Tree Leaning!

Dealing with a leaning tree… or a whole leaning forest? Contact Tarzan Tree Service today! Our certified arborists will efficiently and professionally deal with tree care on your property, from trimming to maintenance to removal. Get in touch with us soon — we’re always glad to hear how we can help you and your trees!

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