First of all, what even is stump grinding? It’s a process tree removal specialists use to safely and completely remove a tree stump so that the area can be used for a different purpose. The stump is turned into wood chips, and it often creates less of a mess and a smaller hole than other tree removal methods. Now, let’s look at some of the other questions you may have about the stump grinding process.

How Does Stump Grinding Work?

Because it can take a long time for a tree stump to decompose naturally, many homeowners choose to have the stump ground to boost their home’s curb appeal and remove any potential tripping hazards. During the grinding process, a tree removal expert will use a stump grinder to remove the stump. This machinery has a hydraulic arm with a cutting wheel at the end. The wheel has sharp steel teeth that cut through and grind the stump at a very high speed. The tree expert will move the spinning wheel across the stump until the stump and the main roots are ground into small wood chips.

Will Stump Grinding Damage Your Property?

If the tree removal service company grinds the stump and roots correctly, the stump removal process will not damage your property. We will put down mats to protect your lawn from the heavy equipment and put up barriers to prevent damage to nearby structures. Since stump grinding does leave a hole, you may want to add grass seed to the area. We will fill the hole with the wood chips and dirt created from the stump grinding process, but it is not part of our service to lay down grass seed.

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost?

The cost of a stump grinding service depends on the size and location of the stump and how deep the grinder will have to go. During the evaluation, we will provide you with an estimate of the stump grinding price.

Can You Replant a Tree After a Stump Is Ground?

We do not recommend replanting trees in the exact location where you had a stump ground. Even with a deep grind, the original tree’s root system is still present in the soil, and these roots can prevent the new tree from becoming established. If the tree that was removed had a disease, this disease may still be present in the roots and can transfer to the newly planted tree. If you would like to replant a tree, we can help you determine the ideal location far enough away from where the other tree was ground. If the tree needs to be planted in the exact spot as the old tree due to homeowners association guidelines, it may be better to choose stump removal over grinding.

Can Every Stump Be Ground?

In some situations, stump grinding may be harder to execute. For example, if the tree fell during a storm and a large amount of its root system tore through the ground, it may be physically impossible to get the grinder to reach the tree stump. If it’s been raining extensively, the tree stump and soil may be too water-logged. In this case, we likely need to simply wait until the area dries out to start the grinding process.

What’s the Difference Between Stump Grinding and Removal?

Stump grinding does not leave a hole in your yard as stump removal does. With stump removal, the tree stump and its roots are torn and dug from the ground, leaving a large hole, and there aren’t any wood chips to fill the hole in like with stump grinding. So, which method should you choose — stump grinding or stump removal? Deciding between these two methods really depends on a few different factors. A professional arborist can help you make the best decision.

Tree Removal Leaving You Stumped? We Can Help!

Whether you need to remove a tree or a tree stump, Tarzan Tree Service has you covered. We love providing proper tree care, and that includes getting rid of a tree stump in the right way so that it doesn’t damage your property. Get in touch with our tree experts for more information about our services in stump grinding and tree removal in Norfolk, VA , and the surrounding area.

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