tree on roof Nothing adds a touch of elegance and natural appeal to a property quite like a healthy tree or set of trees. Trees can act as a focal point of your property, and many trees even offer fruit to property owners throughout the year. However, trees also have the potential to cause severe damage to both your property and the property of others. Many homeowners wonder if their trees may present a legal liability if someone is hurt or property is damaged.

Common Types of Liabilities Trees Present

Trees have the potential to cause serious injury or damage if you don’t care for them. One of the most common types of liabilities that a tree can present is property damage liability. This liability occurs when a branch of a tree or the tree itself suddenly falls, damaging someone’s property. For example, if your tree branch falls and smashes a guest’s vehicle’s windshield, the guest may be able to sue you for the cost of a replacement. Trees can also present bodily injury liabilities, which occur when someone is hurt by a component of a tree on your property. While trees can present property dangers, there are steps that homeowners can take to limit their legal risks. First, maintain a comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy. A homeowner’s insurance policy will help you cover the costs associated with property damage or bodily injury that your trees may cause. Next, regularly inspect your trees and ensure that they’re getting the care they need. If you notice a hanging branch or another liability, contact a professional who can provide emergency tree removal services in Norfolk, VA — like Tarzan Tree Service. Never attempt to fell a tree on your own.

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Though trees have the potential to cause damage, homeowners can mitigate their risk and legal liability by taking steps to ensure that their trees are healthy and stable. Homeowners who believe that they have a tree on their property that is unsafe are encouraged to contact our team for emergency tree removal in Virginia Beach, VA as soon as possible.

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