It’s happened to almost everyone at some point during the spring or summer — you see a baby bird on the ground, and you wonder if you should try to save him or her. You may even have been doing some landscaping or tree pruning in Virginia Beach and accidentally knocked the bird to the ground yourself. Knowing what to do in this situation can potentially save the bird’s life.

First, decide if the bird actually needs to be saved by determining if the bird is a nestling or a fledgling. Nestlings are recently hatched babies with almost no feathers and eyes that are still closed. These babies are too young to fly, and they need your help if you find one on the ground.

On the other hand, fledglings are older birds, and are often covered in fuzzy down or immature feathers. You may see fledglings hopping along the ground, hiding under bushes, or lying in the grass soaking up the sun. If the fledgling doesn’t appear to be injured, leave him alone — these birds are old enough to fly home if danger is afoot.

If you’ve found an uninjured nestling, try to locate the nest. Many people have heard that if they touch a baby bird, the parents won’t come back to care for him. This actually isn’t the truth in most cases. If it’s safe for you to do so, wash your hands or put on a pair of gloves, scoop the bird up gently, and place him back in the nest. If you can’t find the nest or it’s unsafe for you to reach it, you can make a surrogate nest from a small plastic container with holes poked in the bottom and non-slippery material. Place the bird in the nest and keep an eye on him to make sure the parents come back to feed the baby.

If you’ve found an injured bird or the baby appears to have been abandoned, contact a local wildlife rehabilitation center as soon as possible. Do not attempt to feed the baby or provide care on your own.

Keeping your trees well-pruned and maintained isn’t just great for your property value — it can also help local wildlife build their homes on secure branches. If you haven’t scheduled your end-of-summer tree pruning in Norfolk, give Tarzan Tree Service a call today at 757-204-1390.

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