Most homeowners deal will tree removal issues, and these problems don’t necessarily end when a tree is cut down. As the leading provider of stump removal Virginia Beach, we help hundreds of homes and businesses remove tree stumps every year. Sometimes stump removal can be time-consuming and costly, as roots can burrow deep below the ground and structures above ground.

Sometimes property owners try to plant new trees around a stump. Sometimes, this is a perfectly viable option. However, below are several reasons why we recommend removing tree stumps from your property.

Invasive Plants

Occasionally, other species of plants can invade dead or dying tree stumps. These species are often small and hard to remove. In most cases, invasive plants that appear must have chemical treatments administered to eradicate them. These chemicals can harm the surrounding areas, making it difficult to cultivate. Additionally, fungi are a frequent companion to a damp tree stump, and these can be a danger to pets and other animals.

Aesthetic Issues

Your property values can decrease if potential buyers spot dead stumps surrounding your property. After all, they’re ugly and will cost the new buyer money to have them professionally removed. Once a stump has been removed, the area can be landscaped, and your property value will increase. Perhaps you could add a baby tree, a picnic table, or a flowerbed.

Root Problems

If a tree stump remains in place, the roots can continue to grow. This can cause damage to plumbing pipes, sidewalks, and the structural integrity of your home if not dealt with professionally and efficiently. It’s best to remove stumps quickly instead of leaving them in one place for a while.

Pest Invasions

When tree stumps are left behind after a tree is cut down, they naturally decompose over time. This is a messy process, and it brings a variety of ants, termites, and other bugs to feed on the remains. These insects can spread to other healthy plants and trees in your garden. Again, we recommend having a tree stump removed as soon as possible as a way to prevent damage and infestation.

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