Summer is the most important season of the year when it comes to tree maintenance and tree pruning in Norfolk. Trees do most of their growing in the spring — which means by the time summer rolls around, branches and trunks are most likely to be growing into the road or otherwise causing a nuisance to property owners. If you haven’t started your summer pruning yet, use our quick list of do’s and don’ts to keep your trees happy, healthy, and good-looking.

  • Do: know your trees. Every species of tree reacts to pruning differently. For example, magnolia and birch trees cannot tolerate heavy pruning, while Willow trees and apple trees will naturally need more attention. Research the type of trees in your yard before you begin pruning.
  • Don’t: overprune. Trees depend on their leaves for energy. Leaves are the site of photosynthesis, which provides food and stability for the tree. If an excessive number of branches or leaves are removed, you might accidentally kill your tree. Resist the urge to overprune, and only remove branches and limbs that are in the way.
  • Do: watch out for safety issues. Pruning a tall tree can be dangerous. If you don’t know that you can safely prune your tree, contact a professional tree company in Virginia Beach, VA to lend a hand. No matter how badly you think your trees need to be pruned, beautiful aesthetics are never worth risking your safety or your health.
  • Don’t: prune insects’ favorite trees. Summertime bugs love to bore into freshly-cut limbs to lay their eggs. Oaks and American elm trees shouldn’t be pruned in the summer months because the freshly-cut branches attract insects that can cause oak wilt or Dutch elm disease. If you aren’t sure if you should prune a tree on your property, contact a professional tree company.

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