Do you have a suspicion that you might have a pest infestation in your home? Termites are one of the most nefarious uninvited guests that you can find on your property, and even a small colony of termites can cause long-lasting damage to your house’s wood. If you notice any of these symptoms, you might have termites.

  • Flying insects.Oftentimes, the first sign of an infestation that homeowners notice is the termites themselves. Both male and female termites can fly, and they leave their wooded nests to find a mate multiple times a year. If you notice small flying insects in your home, there’s a good chance that they’re termites.
  • A knocking sound coming from your walls. Another sign of termites is a quiet clicking sound coming from inside your walls. Worker termites bang their heads against the nearest object when they believe that a predator is near. Homeowners who have dealt with termites describe this as a small knocking or clicking sound that reverberates from inside the walls.
  • Tight-fitting doors and windows. Termites as messy eaters! When they consume wood, termites leave behind trails of saliva that can cause wood to warp, making doors feel tighter and windows more difficult to open.
  • A dead tree on your property. Do you have a felled tree or large branch on your property you’ve been ignoring? It might be hosting a swarm of termites—and from your yard, it’s not difficult for children or pets to unintentionally invite a few bugs inside. Call for emergency tree service in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, or your area of the state to remove the tree. Don’t try to remove it yourself—you could end up getting hurt.
  • Frass droppings. Termite feces is called “frass,” and termites tend to leave a large amount of frass behind where they tunnel. Look for small black marks and a black powdery substance near your wooden surfaces—these are two telltale signs of frass and, by extension, termites.

    Preventing termites is much easier than removing a colony from your home, so take steps today to remove dead or dying trees from your yard. Tarzan Tree Service provides both scheduled and emergency tree services in Virginia Beach that will help you and your family enjoy a safer summer. Give us a call today at 757-204-1390 to get started!

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My Name is Carrie and I live in Virginia Beach. I hired Tarzan Tree Service after hearing about them through a friend. I had always gone with another Tree Service so I was a little hesitant to try someone new. I scheduled an estimate and within 24 hours one of the owners was there. He presented himself in a professional manner and gave me a very competitive price. I was a little concerned about their legitimacy due to the low price so I checked out their website and found printable copies of their license and insurance on the site with phone numbers to verify it all. When they showed up to do the job the entire crew was clean-cut and courteous.  They gave my son a ride on the equipment before starting the job. These men removed 8 huge trees over my house and back yard within one day and left the yard cleaner than they found it. There is not a better tree company out there...

Thank you Tarzan Tree, these guys rock!!!

Carrie in Virginia Beach