From Christmas chestnuts to mouthwatering maple syrup, trees provide us with a number of bountiful treats that we love to eat. But in a survival situation, is it possible to consume parts of a tree itself? While scavenging experts and providers of emergency tree services in Norfolk alike agree that trees shouldn’t be your first choice when it comes to wilderness fare, a surprising portion of most trees is edible. Some of your options when it comes to consuming parts of a tree include:

  • Cambium. The inner layer of bark contained between the outer bark and the hardwood, cambium is a soft, pulp-like inner layer of bark that’s packed with nutrients. Though the taste of cambium will vary with the season and the species of tree, most hard trees have a sweet-tasting cambium that can be harvested during all four seasons.

  • Spruce tips. Spruce tips are the young, soft, green ends of new spruce, pine, or evergreen branches — and they’re surprisingly tasty. Spruce tips are tender enough to be plucked off and eaten raw in emergency situations, and they can also be simmered to make a tea that’s packed with Vitamin C.

  • Flowers. Most tree flowers are edible, and many flowers are still used today in non-emergency tea-making. In particular, redbud trees boast beautiful and nutritious pink flowers whose buds can also be consumed raw like snow peas.

  • Outer bark. Though outer bark should only be considered as a food source in the most extreme survival circumstances, bark has a long history of being used as a complement to foods and cooking. For example, in certain parts of Scandinavia, bakers still gather birch bark and reduce it to a powder to give Christmas cookies a more unique texture and taste. The middle ages also saw many types of bitter bark roasted and added to beer to improve the alcohol’s scent and flavor.

While most trees are not deadly or dangerous, you’ll want to consult with an experienced arborist before consuming any portion of a tree whose species you’re unsure of. And while trees might be beautiful and provide us with many edible delicacies, they can also be very dangerous property liabilities. If you are in need of emergency tree services in Chesapeake, contact Tarzan Tree Services today by calling 757-204-1390 for immediate service.

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