One of the most universally recognizable signs that fall has arrived is the annual changing of the leaves. As soon as the temperature starts to drop, residents of Virginia are treated to hues of orange, red, and yellow in their trees. But why do leaves change color at all?

Green leaves are packed with a chemical called “chlorophyll.” During the spring and summer, chlorophyll-filled leaves work around the clock, absorbing sunlight and turning it into energy for the tree using a process called “photosynthesis.” When the fall season rolls around, changes in the length of daylight hours and temperature cause the chlorophyll to break down. As chlorophyll decays, it breaks up into the colors that we all know and love before dying in a shade of brown. At this point, the leaves fall off the tree, and the tree prepares to enter hibernation mode. Much like animals who hibernate, trees use a supply of stored energy collected over the years to stay alive during the gloomy and grey winter season. All growth processes are stopped, and the tree halts all metabolic processes, so its energy lasts the whole way through the cold months. Older trees will stay “asleep” until the warm weather of spring triggers the growth of new leaves, and tree pruning in Chesapeake can help new trees sustain healthy growth over the course of the fall and winter season until they are healthy and hearty enough to survive inclement weather.

Are your trees ready to safely survive the upcoming winter weather? If you need a dead tree removed or you’re looking for tree pruning in Virginia Beach before the last of the leaves falls from your favorite tree, give Tarzan Tree Service a call today at 757-204-1390 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

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