Many property owners are concerned about the life and health of their trees. After all, it’s recommended that you call for tree and tree stump removal in Virginia Beach, VA as soon as you know that a tree is failing, in order to keep your home, business, or land safe. The onset of the winter season brings a large number of questions on tree health. While everyone knows that trees lose their leaves in the winter, not many tree owners know how these trees make it through the cold of the first frost without contracting an illness or dying.

When the temperature drops, trees enter a state called dormancy that’s similar to when an animal hibernates. The first step of dormancy is when a tree loses its leaves — the primary purpose of leaves is to create a kind of “solar panels” to collect food for the tree. However, leaves require a large amount of energy to grow and maintain. Just like animals go to sleep for the winter, the tree loses its leaves to conserve energy.

After the tree has shed its leaves, the tree releases a chemical called abscisic acid, or “ABA” for short. ABA stops the growth of the tree and shuts down all processes that are not absolutely vital to keep the tree alive. Finally, when dormancy is complete, the tree “shuts down” for winter, using stored energy to keep cells alive until warmer temperatures and sunnier skies triggers the shutdown of ABA production.

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