This year, Virginia has seen an increase in flash flooding. Along with rising water levels and sudden storms, this means that more and more trees are becoming damaged due to lightning.

But why is lightning more likely to strike a tree…and what happens when it does?

If you remember anything from your high school science class, you might already know that lightning is the result of many charged particles bumping into each other and causing friction to build up. Once this pressure becomes too great, the result is a lightning bolt that must “ground” itself by hitting an object on Earth. Lightning wants to find the fastest way to the ground, so it often strikes very tall objects close to the source of the clouds. Oftentimes, this happens to be a living tree.

When lightning strikes a tree, you might believe that it would immediately catch on fire and burn to the ground — after all, a lightning bolt can reach temperatures of over 54,000 degrees! However, the actual damage to the tree can be affected by a number of factors, ranging from the amount of moisture held within the tree to the temperature of the air during the storm. A tree that is struck by lightning can die instantly, or it can survive for many years with help from a professional tree service company in Chesapeake, VA.

If you have a tree on your property that has been struck by lightning, calling for service from a professional provider of tree pruning in Norfolk should be on the top of your list of priorities to prevent further damage and to keep visitors to your property safe. Anyone interested in learning more about how lightning can damage their trees is encouraged to make the call to Tarzan Tree Service today at 757-204-1390.

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