Attract Insects
A dead tree is a common hotbed for insects. Termites and beetles love to make their way into a dead tree to chow down and lay their eggs. Don’t let your yard get polluted by unwanted insects. Families with a dog can potentially put their house in danger, especially if the dog enjoys playing by the tree.

Aside from being a breeding ground for insects, a dead tree can be dangerous. Between kids playing near the tree and long roots sticking out on the ground near the tree, a dead tree isn't just an eyesore but it is also a major inconvenience. A dead tree is also at a higher risk of falling down. Don’t let something get broken or someone get injured waiting for that tree to fall.

Property Value
A beautiful tree can help make your home more valuable; a dead tree, not so much. Anyone looking into buying a home with a dead tree on the property may be turned away from the thought of buying a home that already has a project attached to it.

If you’ve finally been convinced to take care of that eyesore in your backyard, you can give us a call today. As the leading providers of tree stump removal in Virginia Beach, VA, we can take care of your dead tree today. Give us a call at 757-204-1390 for your free estimate!

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Not only did Tarzan Tree Service quote me $5-700 less than anyone else, they were the most professional and polite contractors that I have ever hired to do a job. They performed the work on-time and better than expected. If you want the job done right, trust these Military Vets to manage and execute the job!

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