Attract Insects
A dead tree is a common hotbed for insects. Termites and beetles love to make their way into a dead tree to chow down and lay their eggs. Don’t let your yard get polluted by unwanted insects. Families with a dog can potentially put their house in danger, especially if the dog enjoys playing by the tree.

Aside from being a breeding ground for insects, a dead tree can be dangerous. Between kids playing near the tree and long roots sticking out on the ground near the tree, a dead tree isn't just an eyesore but it is also a major inconvenience. A dead tree is also at a higher risk of falling down. Don’t let something get broken or someone get injured waiting for that tree to fall.

Property Value
A beautiful tree can help make your home more valuable; a dead tree, not so much. Anyone looking into buying a home with a dead tree on the property may be turned away from the thought of buying a home that already has a project attached to it.

If you’ve finally been convinced to take care of that eyesore in your backyard, you can give us a call today. As the leading providers of tree stump removal in Virginia Beach, VA, we can take care of your dead tree today. Give us a call at 757-204-1390 for your free estimate!

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I had a 60+ ft Pine in my backyard that was inching its way toward my house so I called Tarzan Tree Service. He gave me a reasonable estimate with the time it would take them to bring it down. They showed up at my house early and did not stop working until everything was down and packed away. Tarzan Tree was professional, kept safety first, and cleaned everything up as if nothing had happened. I would recommend them for any tree service hands down. Great Service!!!