Happy holidays! Have you been staying warm as the temperature starts to drop into the freezing levels? Now that the colder temperatures are here, you'll want to take special care to ensure that you're prepared for the damage that a blizzard or hail storm can cause to the trees and shrubbery on your property.

Here are five tips from our experts at Tarzan Tree Service to keep your trees safe and minimize the damage they'll take from snow this winter.

  • Make sure it's safe to inspect. Before inspecting your trees for damage after a storm, take special care to ensure that there are no precariously hanging broken branches or downed utility lines that would make it unsafe to get close to. Always remember to call a tree service in Chesapeake such as Tarzan Tree Service to assess the damage if you feel that the scene is unsafe.
  • Be careful removing snow. Avoid carelessly knocking snow off branches, as this can cause a partially broken branch to fall down and potentially cause an injury.
  • Search for the leader. If your tree still has its leader, the main upward branch of the tree, after a storm, along with at least 50% of its branches, there's a good chance that it can be saved. If the leader is broken, you'll need to call for tree removal in Norfolk, as the tree is likely dead or will die soon.
  • Cut off broken branches. Removing partially broken branches helps reduce the risk of introducing insects or bacteria to the wound. Remember to always prune at the branch collar, that's where a branch joins to its larger attaching segment.
  • Don't do it all yourself. If removing branches requires the use of a chainsaw or a ladder, you are better off allowing the professionals to handle the job for you. Don't risk your health pruning your tree; it's not worth it!

Remembering how to help your tree after a snowstorm can be challenging, but by taking steps to prune the tree before it is able to be infected, you have a much higher chance of saving it. Don't be afraid to give Tarzan Tree Service a call if you are in need of assistance pruning or removing a tree this winter; our team will get the job done safely and quickly!

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