The decision to remove a tree is never an easy one. This can be especially true if the tree has remained in a family's yard for years or was planted by one of the residents. However, there are some instances in which it's necessary for both the safety of the home and family and the health of the remaining plants in the yard to call our tree service in Norfolk for tree removal.

If you've been considering removing a tree on your property, know that you're not alone. Here are most common reasons in the United States for tree removal.

  • A dead tree. No one like to see a tree die, but unfortunately it often does happen. A dead tree must be taken down quickly. If it is left to stand, it will slowly lose its strength over time. The risk of tree branches falling and hurting someone or damaging property becomes higher.
  • A diseased tree. From peach rot to sunscald and emerald ash borer, trees can become sick and diseased due to a number of pests. Unfortunately, unlike humans, after a tree has reached a certain point of disease, it cannot be saved and must be taken down, lest it begins to infect other trees and plants around it.
  • A tree damaged by nature. Sometimes, it isn't a disease that damages a tree to the point of no return, it’s nature itself. Lighting or blunt trauma from power lines and storms can also damage a tree and lead to death. It's better to take the tree down sooner rather than later to avoid damage or injury.

If you're ready to make the professional choice for your tree removal or tree trimming in Chesapeake, don't hesitate to talk to our team at Tarzan Tree Service. Give us a call today at 757-204-1390 or browse our website to learn more about our team members and current services.

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My Name is Carrie and I live in Virginia Beach. I hired Tarzan Tree Service after hearing about them through a friend. I had always gone with another Tree Service so I was a little hesitant to try someone new. I scheduled an estimate and within 24 hours one of the owners was there. He presented himself in a professional manner and gave me a very competitive price. I was a little concerned about their legitimacy due to the low price so I checked out their website and found printable copies of their license and insurance on the site with phone numbers to verify it all. When they showed up to do the job the entire crew was clean-cut and courteous.  They gave my son a ride on the equipment before starting the job. These men removed 8 huge trees over my house and back yard within one day and left the yard cleaner than they found it. There is not a better tree company out there...

Thank you Tarzan Tree, these guys rock!!!

Carrie in Virginia Beach