Most people know that trees require a large amount of sunlight to grow to their full size thanks to their massive needs. However, just like giving a plant too much water is bad for it, your tree can actually be damaged by too much sunlight.

At Tarzan Tree Service, the top tree services in Chesapeake and the surrounding areas, we are now seeing increased instances of sunscald, a type of tree issue that is kind of like a sunburn that humans can get from too much exposure without protection. However, while sunburn on people usually go away after a few days, sunscald can seriously and permanently damage a tree.

Sunscald can occur on any part of the tree but is most commonly seen near the base of the trunk or on any roots that are exposed above ground thanks to these areas receiving less protection from the tree's leaves. Mild sunscald can hardly be noticed except by a professional and may provide only minor aesthetic issues.

However, as the tree is continually overexposed to sunlight, the sunscald can become serious enough to cause a fissure that reaches the innermost parts of the tree. At this point, the tree will have lost a large amount of outer protection from bacterial and fungal invasions. You will be able to notice a fissure by the surrounding bark, which will have created a dark and burnt area. At this point, our experts recommend preventative tree removal in Chesapeake, as death is usually not very far behind.

There are two very effective ways that you can protect your tree from sunscald: blocking the sunlight (with a tree wrap or by planting other trees around to create a protective leaf cover) and avoiding over pruning (consult a professional if you aren't sure if you are over pruning).

If you are in need of professional tree services or tree removal thanks to sunscald, contact Tarzan Tree Services today by calling 757-204-1390.

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