In many cases, dead trees can house a number of pests that no one wants on their property. If you have a dead tree in your yard, call a tree service in Chesapeake today, especially if you've noticed some of these critters.

Squirrels. Red squirrels love to burrow into the body of a dead tree because it provides the perfect place for them to build their nest and raise their young. Treetop nests are dangerous, so squirrels prefer the inside of a hollowed out, dead tree. While they may be cute, they can wreck your lawn or garden.

Raccoons. Raccoons love to nest in "snag holes," the open parts of dead trees that are standing up. Raccoons can be one of the most annoying urban pests, as they are often found rummaging through garbage and eating garden plants. They are also able to create a nest in an unmaintained live tree, so use regular tree pruning in Norfolk to make sure that these critters find a home off of your property.

Termites. Most people know that termites thrive on wood, but they often underestimate the damage that these small bugs can bring to the structural integrity of their home. A dead tree provides the ideal home for termites to colonize and reproduce because they are largely safe from other predators. However, once the termites get into your house, they can be difficult to remove and can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home.

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