If you’ve got an unsightly or dead tree in your yard, you’ve probably considered having it removed. Removing your tree yourself can be dangerous, so be sure to call the experts in tree removal in Chesapeake at Tarzan Tree Service. But how do the experts clear your yard? Here’s what to expect when you call the pros.

The first thing that a tree removal expert will do is survey the surrounding area to make sure that bringing the tree down will not disturb any nearby utility wires or fall onto any homes, cars or sheds nearby.

The tree removal expert will then get ready to fell the tree. They will likely use one of two tools depending on the size of your tree: a chainsaw for larger trees or a handsaw for smaller trees.

Be sure to stay away from the area during this process; the last thing you want is to get hit by a falling tree! After the tree is laying solidly on the ground, your experts will do something called “limbing” the tree. He or she will cut every branch from the tree one by one, as these limbs need to be disposed of separately from the body of the tree itself. They will cut the branches into the length required for disposal, which varies from state to state.

Finally, when you are left with a bare log, some tree services in Chesapeake will give you the option of cutting the tree into firewood, usually cutting the tree horizontally into 24-inch sections.

Removing a large tree from your yard can be an extremely dangerous endeavor for the inexperienced. It is always best to consult with a professional tree removal service in your area before even considering removing trees yourself. Remember, safety first.

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I had three trees that needed to be cut back and got two estimates from other tree companies. I wanted to get one more estimate when a friend recommended Tarzan Tree Service. I am glad he did because they were very professional, extremely thorough with the job and the safety of the workers and property. Plus their estimate for the job was more affordable then the other two companies. They showed up when they said they would, they finished the job in a timely manner, and did a full clean up. They have a wood chipper that they put the branches through so my wife could spread them around her garden this spring. My wife and me couldn't be happier.

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