Planting a tree is a fun process, one that can be shared with children or significant others and grow as a symbol of that relationship. The process can’t be performed any time of year, and many are often unsure about when it is too late to plant a tree.

Here are a few ways to know if it is still safe to put your seedling in the ground.

An old adage of those with green thumbs is that if there are still leaves on the trees around where you’re going to plant, it is still safe to start growing your newest one. This rings mostly true but isn’t exactly a hard-and-fast rule, as older deciduous trees are typically more resilient against the changes in weather. If trees are primarily green in the immediate area of the planting site then it is likely that a new tree can survive the current climate.

The general guidance for planting trees is that it should be done between mid-August and mid-October. While this is the safest approach to ensuring that you can adorn your property with more greenery, the time frame can be stretched to a certain extent given the right knowledge.

Planting a tree in November (or December) is a possibility given the right environmental conditions. Hampton Roads is a warmer climate, and in recent years, we haven’t had many lower temperatures until late November at the earliest. The best way to tell if a tree can be planted and flourish is by monitoring the ground temperature. If soil a foot or so below ground level is above 50° a seedling or young tree can be grown in that soil.

Of course, for best results soil samples should be tested to ensure proper nutrients and small trees can even be wrapped during the most frigid months of the year to help them survive to spring.

If your trees are in need of a shape up heading into winter, contact us about our tree trimming in Chesapeake and across the area.

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