Winter is a time of dormancy (similar to hibernation) for trees. There’s less sunlight during this season, so trees cannot produce as much food for themselves causing them to find ways to conserve energy, including losing their leaves. Here’s how you can help them through the long winter and also protect your property in the process:

1. Make sure there are no dead branches - While it’s still fall and the weather is still nice, inspect your trees to make sure no dead branches or limbs are hanging over your property. They could break off during winter, which could end up damaging your house, car, or another piece of property.

2. Trim or prune the dead branches - If you see any dead limbs or branches on the tree, then you may want to trim or prune them. Pruning the tree involves removing the dead, damaged or diseased branches to protect the health of the tree as well as you and your property. At Tarzan Tree Service, we can help you with that or if you’d like, provide tree removal in Virginia Beach, VA, and the surrounding area.

3. Put down mulch and fertilizer - In case there is a winter drought, you’ll want to put down mulch and fertilizer around the base of your tree. The mulch will help slow the loss of moisture and act as a temperature insulator for the roots, while the fertilizer will provide it with the nutrients it needs.

Using these steps, you can prepare and protect your trees this winter, and the rest of your property. You can also contact us for our tree services including tree stump removal in Virginia Beach, VA, and other local areas. To learn more about preparing your trees for winter, give us a call at 757-204-1390.

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My Name is Carrie and I live in Virginia Beach. I hired Tarzan Tree Service after hearing about them through a friend. I had always gone with another Tree Service so I was a little hesitant to try someone new. I scheduled an estimate and within 24 hours one of the owners was there. He presented himself in a professional manner and gave me a very competitive price. I was a little concerned about their legitimacy due to the low price so I checked out their website and found printable copies of their license and insurance on the site with phone numbers to verify it all. When they showed up to do the job the entire crew was clean-cut and courteous.  They gave my son a ride on the equipment before starting the job. These men removed 8 huge trees over my house and back yard within one day and left the yard cleaner than they found it. There is not a better tree company out there...

Thank you Tarzan Tree, these guys rock!!!

Carrie in Virginia Beach