In a previous blog we spoke about where to plant your tree. Once you’ve chosen the perfect spot, there’s still a bit more to do.

Burlap Wrapped - When transporting your burlapped tree, make sure to carry it by the base, never by the trunk or branches. When you get the burlap to the spot where you plan to plant, dig a hole as deep as the ball, but two to three times as wide. Remove the burlap completely, along with the wire cage, and place in the ground so that the spot where the roots meet the trunk (the root flare) is above ground. Hold the tree upright and replace the soil around the tree, packing it down to get rid of air pockets. Add two to three inches of mulch and water to give your tree the best chance at growing early.

Potted Trees - First, water your tree in its pot to reduce transplant shock and make it easier to remove from its pot. Hold the potted tree by its pot, never by the trunk or branches. Dig a hole as deep as the pot, and two to three times as wide. Remove the tree from the pot and make sure to cut off any soft or dead roots sticking out from the soil. When packing the soil back, make sure the root flare is above the ground. Add mulch and water.

Seedling - Handle seedlings very carefully as they are easy to damage. Dig a hole eight to ten inches deep and four inches wide, and remove any twigs, leaves or other material from the hole. Keeping the root flare above the ground, pack soil in and add mulch and water.

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