Find Your Lines

Electric. Gas. Water. Trees aren’t known for growing quickly overnight, but over time roots can run a surprising distance away from a trunk. If a root overtakes an important line, it can result in a dangerous leak or obstruction. Likewise, try to make sure trees aren’t in danger of growing into overhead electricity or telephone lines. By making sure that trees are spaced far away from utilities, they can grow uninhibited, and without causing any danger to you or your property.

Keep Away From Hard Surfaces

Small shrubs are fine for lining a driveway or walkway, but larger trees can harm those pieces of hardscaping. A root can grow underneath cement eventually raising or cracking it and making repaving a hardship. They can also grow through the spaces in brick walls, eventually destroying them. It’s best to plant with a little distance between the roots and your home, as roots can eventually infiltrate into a home and cause cracks in the structure.

Plan For Shade

Depending on the property, facing trees properly along the east and west can play a pretty large role in energy conservation. By shading a home in the summertime, leafy branches can help with cooling costs, reducing the amount of direct sunlight that hits a house. During the winter, the sun follows a shorter and lower path, keeping homes warmer during the daytime and helping with heating costs.

While we do a good amount of tree removals in Chesapeake, VA, we also do our best to try and grow our community. Follow these tips and consider consulting a professional before you plant and you’ll be able to enjoy your greenery for years to come.

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