Who trimmed my tree?

And then,

They did a terrible job!

This happens to hundreds of homeowners throughout Hampton Roads each year. No, there isn’t a roving pack of miscreants that trims trees in the least attractive way possible. It’s the utility company.

Utility companies perform maintenance on power and telephone lines every day. If there is an obstacle between them and the systems they need to maintain, they move them—or remove them. They aren’t considering things like the health of the tree or maintaining the aesthetics of it. They’re thinking about the lines behind it and the rest of the jobs they need to rush to throughout the rest of their day. Thousands of property owners levy complaints against their local utility companies every year, but necessity trumps beauty.

Pre-emptive Measures

The truth is that trees cause a lot of headaches for utility companies. Downed trees are the number one cause of damaged power lines by a huge margin. Many times, they trim or remove them just to prevent an emergency in the future. They don’t need to hack away at trees if they’ve already been maintained.

So what can you do?

By enlisting the services of a company that does tree trimming in Virginia Beach, or across Hampton Roads, you can keep your trees from growing into the areas that utility workers would need to work. Not only would you be saving the appearance and health of the greenery on your property, you’d be taking preventative measures to keep your utility lines safe in case of extreme weather.

Whether you need you need your trees pruned out of the way of a power line or another service like tree service in Norfolk, we can handle it all.

Fully Insured & Licensed

Insurance License

I had three trees that needed to be cut back and got two estimates from other tree companies. I wanted to get one more estimate when a friend recommended Tarzan Tree Service. I am glad he did because they were professional, extremely thorough with the job and the safety of the workers and property. Plus their estimate for the job was more affordable than the other two companies. They showed up when they said they would, they finished the job in a timely manner, and did a full clean up. They have a wood chipper that they put the branches through so my wife could spread them around her garden this spring. My wife and me couldn't be happier.