Inspect Your Decks
When you chance that first walk without a jacket this season, take a look at your trees. Inspect closely around those areas where snow accumulates. Take a few minutes to slowly walk around each tree, keep an eye out for damage or disease on limbs and prune away the dangers before they affect the overall growth.

Achieve Nirvana Pre-Bloom
Make those areas around your trees as healthy as possible by removing the branches and leaves that have fallen around them. Give your soil and grass maximum access to air and Sun to encourage growth. Once you’ve cleared the roots of dead materials and obstructions, give your greens the nutrients they crave. A slow release fertilizer helps trees defend themselves against disease, pests and other dangers.

Before Summertime Is Easy
If you feel your scenery is a bit sparse, or you just want to spruce it up a little, give it some new growth. Maximize the potential of those sunny, spring and summer days by planting new trees. Before you plant, find your ideal growing spot and then surround the area with 2-4 inches of mulch to control weeds and improve soil conditions.

When trees are properly cared for, they can provide decades of enjoyment for families and communities. These three steps will help ensure the health of not only your trees, but of your property, helping to prevent the necessity of a tree removal.

If you find that trees are damaged or unhealthy, our team at Tarzan Tree Service is always available to prune or trim, so your greenery can stay pristine. Call us by phone or schedule an appointment today.

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I had a 60+ ft Pine in my backyard that was inching its way toward my house so I called Tarzan Tree Service. He gave me a reasonable estimate with the time it would take them to bring it down. They showed up at my house early and did not stop working until everything was down and packed away. Tarzan Tree was professional, kept safety first, and cleaned everything up as if nothing had happened. I would recommend them for any tree service hands down. Great Service!!!