Whenever it’s necessary to remove a tree, there are always challenges to completing the task. Bulky and oversized trees can add risk to the process, making it a time-consuming job. Additionally, other factors can increase the challenge of removing a fallen tree.

The trees on your property do a lot for you and your family. Shade from trees provides relief from hot weather, leafy branches keep your home private, and sturdy branches offer endless climbing fun for kids. However, heavy storms can turn your beloved trees into dangerous ticking time bombs. You may be used to cleaning up branches or calling experts for tree removal after heavy winds if you notice any trees have fallen down. Something many homeowners don’t know, however, is what to do when a tree is leaning or tilting. Perhaps the tree grows that way, so maybe it can keep on living. Is a leaning tree dangerous? The answer is dependent on a few factors. Keep reading to learn about when you should pay attention to a leaning tree.

Natural Leaning

Like most natural things, trees don’t grow in a perfectly straight line. Some trees lean naturally. To determine if your tree’s lean is natural, you can assess if the trunk is straight the whole way down or if the tree is “self-correcting.” A healthy leaning tree will have a curve but then begin growing straight again. A leaning tree that’s dangerous will maintain a straight trunk. When taking care of your trees, it’s important to schedule regular trimming. There are many tree trimming benefits. For example, in this case, it will help the pros assess the natural growth of your tree and if the leaning is safe or unsafe.

Warning Sign: Suddenly Leaning

If one of your previously straight trees is now leaning significantly after strong winds or another large weather event, this is a cause for concern. The speedy progression of the lean means the tree may be on its way to the ground — or right into the side of your house. Contact a certified arborist to explore your options before the tree falls. They may recommend emergency tree removal or cut back some of the leaning tree to redirect its growth and ensure better weight distribution.

Warning Sign: Cracked Soil

Cracked soil is a bad sign when it accompanies leaning trees. Cracked or otherwise visibly disturbed soil signifies that tree roots are about to come up out of the ground, which can indicate the tree’s connection with the earth is weakened. You may not have to have the tree removed altogether, but you definitely need to call for tree service ASAP.

Warning Sign: Roots Popping Up

Roots popping up is the next step after cracked soil, and it's especially bad when accompanied by a leaning tree. A tree's root system is how it gains nutrients from the soil, and without functioning roots, a tree is as good as dead. Fortunately, some trees can be saved if tree care is performed early enough.

Warning Sign: Too Close for Comfort

If your trees seem to be getting closer, it's definitely time to call a certified arborist. Your leaning tree might not be posing an immediate risk of danger right now, but think about the future and the impact that tree might have when it falls directly on top of you. A tree that is leaning too close to your property can have you losing sleep at night, even if the tree doesn't seem to be moving much. It only takes one big storm for the trunk to crash through your roof and damage your home or harm your family. If your leaning tree is too close to your property for comfort, you might want to schedule tree removal sooner rather than later.

Put a Stop to Tree Leaning!

Dealing with a leaning tree… or a whole leaning forest? Contact Tarzan Tree Service today! Our certified arborists will efficiently and professionally deal with tree care on your property, from trimming to maintenance to removal. Get in touch with us soon — we’re always glad to hear how we can help you and your trees!

damaged tree in winter ice

If you’ve ever been stuck outside in the cold during the winter months, you’ve gotten a taste of what it’s like to be a tree during wintertime! While trees are hardier than humans, the cold can still affect even the most robust trees and shrubs on your property. Snow and ice are especially tough on trees that aren’t native to the area and can’t stand up to winter weather.

Want to practice good tree care? Learn the warning signs of winter tree damage, as well as some tips for “tree-age” to minimize the threats posed by existing and future damage

Root Damage

The roots are both the mouth and the heart of a tree, drawing nutrients from the soil while also connecting the tree to its life force: the earth. Root damage is always a cause for concern, and it’s especially important to look for when you’re examining your property for any winter tree damage. Roots do not acclimate well to below-freezing temperatures and can be seriously damaged or killed if soil temperatures drop below 15°F.

How to protect against root damage

To keep your tree’s roots safe during the winter, especially the roots of shallow-rooted small trees, cover and insulate the soil using mulch and leaf litter. Soil temperatures rarely end up below freezing unless there is a heavy snowfall that does not melt for many days or weeks, so it is not likely that this form of winter damage will kill your tree. However, trees can experience stunted growth or become wilted due to frozen roots, so it’s best to prevent the problem as much as you can. You can also prevent root damage by limiting salt use around your trees. Damage from salt can be deadly to certain kinds of trees, so talk about alternative ice melting solutions with a certified arborist.

Frost Cracks

Frost cracks are easy to spot: visible vertical cracks in your tree’s trunk or limbs. Frost cracks occur during rapid freezing and thawing that takes place during extreme temperature fluctuations. They typically appear right after a major temperature change, although they can grow and warp over time. Once a tree has existing frost cracks, even if they appear to heal during warm seasons, they may reappear annually and can worsen over time.

How to protect against frost cracks

If you’re planting new trees, talk with tree service professionals about the best options for placement and species to ensure you aren’t inadvertently exposing your trees to the risk of frost cracks. If you have a tree on your property with extensive frost cracks, have the professionals examine it to assess if tree removal might be necessary.

Broken Limbs

During snow and ice storms, your trees are at risk because their limbs become brittle and snap over time as wind and snow pile on the weight… and the tension. Most trees can lose branches and continue healthy growth. In fact, most species of trees shed branches naturally over time. However, if you see a large number of broken branches surrounding your tree after each storm or the limbs falling from your tree seem to be especially large, call tree service professionals ASAP to make sure the tree is healthy. Removing an unhealthy tree that sheds large branches might be necessary to keep you and your property safe during the next big storm.

How to protect against broken limbs

While snow, bitter winter winds, and ice storms can’t be stopped, you can mitigate the effects they have on your trees by planning ahead. Pruning isn’t just necessary if you’re taking care of shrubs and plants; it’s also crucial for the health of your trees. You can prevent winter tree damage caused by storms by scheduling regular tree pruning during the late summer and early fall. This will remove the weak layers of branches likely to blow down during a storm as well as help keep large fallen limbs off your property.


During late winter and early spring, watch out for brown “dead” looking spots that appear on conifer trees, either all over the tree or above the snow line. This is called “winterburn” or “desiccation,” and it indicates the tree isn’t getting enough water. When temperatures are freezing, trees cannot extract the nutrients they need from the ground because the necessary water is frozen.

How to protect against winterburn

Applying a chemical called an “anti-transpirant” or “antidessicant” can help minimize winter tree damage caused by desiccation. Talk to certified arborists about using this chemical at least twice per season, usually once in December and once in February.


If you take good care of your trees, the word “blight” probably throws you into a panic. Sunscald, one form of winter tree damage, mimics blight so closely that it sometimes even fools biologists. The key way you can tell the difference is that sunscald comes on suddenly, whereas blight is a progressive degeneration of tree health.

You can tell if your tree has sunscald if new tree growth that is frozen turns flaccid, begins to appear water-soaked, then withers, leaving behind nasty elongated marks resembling cankers. This happens because of temperature differences between the side of the tree exposed to the sun and the side of the tree hidden from the warmth. The confusing signals sent by the warm and cold temperatures affect how the tree receives nutrients and can trigger de-acclimation of the tree trunk’s tissue. Thin-barked trees such as beech, willow, maple, and linden are especially vulnerable to sunscald.

How to protect against sunscald

If you get the chance to choose where and how your trees are planted, consult with professionals to figure out the best strategy for tree placement and the correct trees to grow based on the climate in your area. This is the best possible way to prevent this kind of winter tree damage. If you’re trying to protect trees you already have from sunscald, there are two main ways to keep them safe from sunscald:

  • Block or reflect sunlight
  • Avoid over-pruning

Marks of Animal Activity

When snow blankets the ground, animals lose access to plants they eat to survive. This leads many of them to seek food elsewhere — and sometimes, they end up nibbling on your trees. Watch out for marks of “girdling,” a circular gnawing shape in your trees made by hungry rodents and rabbits who feed on the bark. While this is unlikely to cause tree death in mature trees, young trees can suffer serious winter tree damage and even death from being nibbled away.

How to protect against animal activity

You can help your trees from being eaten away by taking them “off the menu.” Wrap trunks and low branches of young trees in hardware cloth or screen wire from below the base to above the predicted snow line. This way, animals won’t be able to reach the tasty, tender bark of the young tree. Further reduce potential mouse damage by keeping a 1 to 2-foot radius from the trunk free of grass, weeds, or other plants.

Turn to Your Local Certified Arborists

When you need tree pruning or tree removal in and around Virginia Beach, call on Tarzan Tree Service! Our crew members are professional, courteous, and efficient. From the time we write your estimate until the last twig is removed from your property, we hold ourselves to quality standards above the competition. Get in touch with us today!

chopped down tree

Most people living in suburban or rural areas can probably look out the window and see a tree or two right now. If you’re reading this seeking tree removal in Norfolk, VA, or nearby areas like Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, you almost certainly have several trees on your property. As you might guess from the state’s picturesque shady valleys and stunning forest views, Virginia’s residents are especially blessed with biodiversity. Trees provide much-needed benefits for the ecosystem, make for beautiful scenery, grant us shade and privacy, and increase property value. But what do you do when a tree becomes more of a hindrance than a help? That’s when you need tree removal services. These are some common signs it’s time for tree removal.

Start from the Ground

Begin assessing from the ground up to determine if it’s time to remove your tree. That means starting with the roots. Then check the trunk, followed by the crown. Finally, check for any problems that the tree is creating or might create in the future.


From a tree’s roots alone, sometimes you’ll be able to spot telltale signs it’s time for tree removal. Roots are what connect the base of the tree to the ground. The connection between the roots and the earth is how a tree gets its nutrients from the soil. If your tree’s roots have been changing rapidly, it is a signal that the tree might be getting sick or dying. Unusually brittle roots, roots erupting in strange places, and roots that appear rotted are all signs of problems.

Make sure you watch out for small shoots emerging at the base of your tree. These might be “suckers,” a type of growth that happens when a tree has undergone injury. They siphon water and food from the tree, causing a cycle of poor health. Something else to look for at the bottom of the tree is mushrooms. There may be mushrooms growing because the tree is rotting or already dead since mushrooms are an indicator of decay.


A tree trunk is like a spine, holding its body up tall and proud. Tree trunks should grow evenly and appear relatively uniform over time. Large bulges in a tree’s trunk can come from swelling inside of the tree, especially if the bulges have increased in size since you began monitoring the tree’s health. Feel the bark of your tree — is it especially brittle? Some trees get more brittle in the winter as a natural part of their life cycle. However, year-round dry, crumbly, or rotted bark can indicate that a tree is in poor shape.

Another thing to keep an eye on is the angle between the trunk and the ground. Not all trees will be perfectly vertical, but an increasing tilt to one side or the other can spell trouble, particularly when the leaning starts suddenly or appears to be progressing. If your tree resembles a certain tower in Pisa, it’s one of the most obvious signs it’s time for tree removal.


The “crown” of a tree refers to the top, including the outermost branches and leaf canopy. Many trees lose branches and leaves in the fall and winter. However, if your tree sheds dead branches year-round or frequently drops many of its large branches, it could be in jeopardy. Something else common among dying trees is a lack of crown growth. If your tree previously produced leaves, needles, or other plant growth and it no longer does, nutrients from the roots are not reaching the crown. A tree that has not grown anything for multiple years is likely dead or sick, and a lack of growth is often an easy way to determine when it’s time to remove your tree.

External Factors

Other reasons it might be time to remove your tree can come from situations that have caused problems for your tree — or situations where the tree is causing problems for you.

Property Problems

Leaning trees pose a risk because the more they lean, the more unbalanced they become. Sometimes a tree’s branches can encroach on the roof of your property or grow into your power lines. Tree roots can disrupt construction and make installing and maintaining underground services like plumbing, electricity, and cable difficult. Planting trees might have seemed harmless twenty years before an area was developed, but if new development is happening in the area now, those same trees can become an obstacle.

Storm Damage

Trees that have experienced significant storm damage are often in need of removal because storms can decrease the health of trees or cause tree death. Not only is a weakened or dead tree at risk of being toppled by strong winds, causing harm to buildings, but when the next weather event happens, if no one takes care of your fallen tree, the debris and branches from the last storm can cause property damage all over again.

Contagious Conditions

Just like any living thing, trees can become infected with diseases, parasites, and pests. And much like humans, trees can spread infections to each other. Close clusters of trees can infect one another with root rot, canker diseases, oak wilt, and a long list of other problems.  Invasive or pest species of bugs and animals can take up residence in a tree, and once they outgrow the habitat provided by one tree, they will certainly move to the next one. If an infection or infestation threatens to harm other trees on your property, it may be time to remove the tree that poses the threat.

A Fresh Start

If a few of these warning signs seem like something you’ve seen on a tree on your property, give our certified arborists a call today to learn about our tree removal services. However, tree removal isn’t the only way our team can assist you. We also provide many services that improve the practical and cosmetic aspects of your property. Did a different tree removal service do a sloppy job and leave parts of a problem tree in your yard? Are you looking to install a new swimming pool and want to ensure there are no overhanging tree branches dropping leaves into your clean water?

The trees in your life should be a source of joy, not a source of worry. For more information about any of our offerings, including tree trimming and pruning in Virginia Beach, VA, contact us today for more information!

Do you have an unsightly tree stump in your yard? If you call a tree company to remove the stump, they may recommend stump grinding. If you’re like many homeowners, this process may be unfamiliar to you, and you may have many questions about it.

tree wounds

Tree wounds can have a detrimental effect on the health and longevity of your tree. This is especially true if you don't know how to detect and prevent tree wounds. Most tree wounds result from impacts to the tree, including scrapes, cuts, and abrasions. Generally, these impacts are caused by people or animals. Other causes of wounds include insect attacks, weather events, and fires.

Detecting Tree Wounds

Tree wounds usually present as:

  • Detached or dead branches
  • Decayed wood or cavities
  • Cut or covered roots
  • Multiple branches growing from one point on the tree's trunk
  • Splits or cracks in the trunk
  • Mushrooms or carpenter ants at the tree's base (a sign of internal decay)

What Happens When a Tree Is Wounded?

When a tree sustains a wound, it typically involves the bark on the tree, exposing and damaging the tree's conducting tissues used for taking in food and water. It also allows infiltration by organisms like bacteria and fungi, and insects that can cause the wood to decay. This decay often leads to structural weakening of the tree's stems, resulting in a reduced lifespan and having the tree removed.

A tree has two potential responses to wounds. The tree may compartmentalize the wound by sealing it, forming a callus-like covering over the wound. An alternative response is creating a barrier zone, which involves the tree setting physical and chemical boundaries around the cells affected by the injury, confining the damage from spreading. A lot remains unknown about barrier zone formation.

Preventing Tree Wounds

When it comes to three wounds, prevention is critical. One of the most vital wound-prevention methods is choosing the suitable trees for your space, placing them, and planting them correctly. Make sure your landscape has the room to accommodate both the crown and the roots of the tree when it reaches its full size. Mulching around the tree can help deter animal and insect activity. Proper pruning of the tree is recommended.

Count on Tarzan Tree Service's fully licensed and insured professionals for all your tree maintenance needs throughout the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk regions. Contact us today for more information about our services.

When it comes to tending to your household duties, there are many things that you can safely accomplish on your own. However, some issues are not suitable for an afternoon DIY. Here are some dangerous chores that you should always call a professional to take care of. ● Fixing a broken garage door. This task is common but far more dangerous than most people understand. If your garage spring broke, it is like having a loaded weapon nearby. Always get professional help to correct this issue. ● Any task involving your electrical system. You never want to mess with the electricity in your home. If something goes wrong, not only could someone get hurt, but it could result in a potential fire hazard. It is entirely too risky for anyone without experience to try. ● Removing trees. There are reasons that there are professional tree removal services in Virginia Beach, VA. Don’t take the risk of trying to cut down a tree only to get hurt or have it land on your house. Call in the tree experts to get it done safely! ● Messing with the structure of your home. Replacing a stud while renovating a room is one thing. Trying to lift a roof or shore up an uneven foundation requires the help of professionals. Don’t take on more than you can safely do. ● Replacing gas appliances or lines. If you happen to have a gas appliance go out or need a new gas line, correcting this requires professionals. Anything done wrong with a gas line could result in a leak or explosion. Are there trees on your property that need removal? Never attempt to fell a tree on your own — call the team at Tarzan Tree Service today at 757-204-1390 to schedule your appointment with our tree removal company near Norfolk, VA.
tree on roof Nothing adds a touch of elegance and natural appeal to a property quite like a healthy tree or set of trees. Trees can act as a focal point of your property, and many trees even offer fruit to property owners throughout the year. However, trees also have the potential to cause severe damage to both your property and the property of others. Many homeowners wonder if their trees may present a legal liability if someone is hurt or property is damaged.

Common Types of Liabilities Trees Present

Trees have the potential to cause serious injury or damage if you don’t care for them. One of the most common types of liabilities that a tree can present is property damage liability. This liability occurs when a branch of a tree or the tree itself suddenly falls, damaging someone’s property. For example, if your tree branch falls and smashes a guest’s vehicle’s windshield, the guest may be able to sue you for the cost of a replacement. Trees can also present bodily injury liabilities, which occur when someone is hurt by a component of a tree on your property. While trees can present property dangers, there are steps that homeowners can take to limit their legal risks. First, maintain a comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy. A homeowner’s insurance policy will help you cover the costs associated with property damage or bodily injury that your trees may cause. Next, regularly inspect your trees and ensure that they’re getting the care they need. If you notice a hanging branch or another liability, contact a professional who can provide emergency tree removal services in Norfolk, VA — like Tarzan Tree Service. Never attempt to fell a tree on your own.

Reach Out to Tarzan Tree Service Today

Though trees have the potential to cause damage, homeowners can mitigate their risk and legal liability by taking steps to ensure that their trees are healthy and stable. Homeowners who believe that they have a tree on their property that is unsafe are encouraged to contact our team for emergency tree removal in Virginia Beach, VA as soon as possible.

If you own a home, you probably have some form of homeowner’s insurance policy to protect your investment and keep your property safe. However, many homeowners are confused about what exactly their insurance policy does and doesn’t cover. For example, homeowners are often unpleasantly surprised to learn that most standard insurance policies don’t cover damage resulting from flooding. If you have a tree in your yard that you think might cause problems in the future, you might be wondering — will your homeowner’s insurance policy cover tree removal?

Every homeowner’s insurance policy is different. In most cases, homeowner’s insurance will cover emergency tree removals in Norfolk, VA but not planned tree removals. For example, if a tree on your property falls and damages your home’s structure, your insurance company will usually pay for both the repair of the property and the removal of the tree. Most home insurance policies include coverage for up to $1,000 worth of tree removal per storm.

But what happens if the tree falls on your property and doesn’t damage anything? In this situation, the homeowner will usually end up paying the bill. If you’re disabled, your homeowner’s insurance policy might cover the removal of the tree if its blocking access to your vehicle or another feature of your home (for example, a wheelchair ramp). No insurance company will cover the removal of a tree for cosmetic purposes or for any reason that doesn’t pose a direct danger to your home, fencing, or any other structure on your property.

If you need emergency tree service in Virginia Beach, VA, don’t wait — call Tarzan Tree Service as soon as possible. Our team will assist you in filing a claim with your insurance company, and we’ll even bill your insurance company directly if possible. Give our team a call today at 757-204-1390 to learn more or schedule your appointment for service.

With spring coming, you're probably starting spring cleaning for your home, but have you thought about the trees around your property? It's not a common thing to think of, but most tree specialists in the Chesapeake area know that spring is the perfect time not just to clean house, but to properly maintain your trees for a summertime of growth. Here's what you should do to help prepare your trees for the summer:

Conduct an Inspection of Your Yard

Anytime you're caring for your trees, you should start by inspecting the tree and its surroundings to identify what you need to focus on first. In the spring, it's important to look for things like:

  • ● Deadwood
  • ● Damaged branches
  • ● Frostbite
  • ● Lesions
  • ● Fungus

Make sure that these get handled as quickly as possible so that your trees are set up for a successful growing season.

Prune Dead Branches and Trim Weak Branches

Wintertime puts trees through harsh conditions that kill or weakens the limbs of a tree. It's essential to prune your trees whenever you notice that the branches of your tree are broken, dead, or otherwise diseased. During the spring, it's important to make sure that branches are correctly pruned because pruning helps your tree grow in a way that's balanced and unlikely to cause problems later in the season. Tree trimming is used to cut away the branches of your tree that were damaged over the winter and might take away some of the important nutrients that your tree needs to grow.

Mulch, Fertilize, and Check Water Levels

Your trees need nutrients, not just to make sure they grow, but to protect them from damage and disease. By using fertilizer and mulch, you're replenishing the nutrients that it might have lost throughout the fall and winter. Replacing these nutrients will help the tree grow and resist disease, fungus growth, and infestations of pests.

Checking your soil's water levels also helps protect your trees from damage. This requires more than quickly looking at the soil around your trees or prodding the area around the base of your tree. You should aim to measure water levels four to six inches below the surface. Having adequate water this deep helps the tree's roots to grow strong and deep, rather than remaining on the surface where a windstorm could easily rip them up. If you're not sure where to begin your springtime tree care routine or want to find a company in the Chesapeake area that provides tree maintenance service, give Tarzan Tree Service a call. We can help set your trees up for a successful spring and summer.

Removal vs. Grinding: Which Method Is Best for My Stumps?

As the leading provider of stump removal near Chesapeake, Tarzan Tree Service understands that homeowners with tree stumps on their property are on the hunt for the most efficient ways to handle them since they can appear unsightly and disrupt the landscaping of an otherwise well-maintained lawn.

There are two main ways to go about getting rid of a problem stump — and Tarzan Tree Service can provide both! We offer both stump grinding and stump removal services. Let’s take a look at some key differences between each method and find out which option is best for you and your property.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is the more intrusive procedure of the two, as it involves heaving the large tree stump out of the ground and digging out all of the tree’s often widespread roots. While it sounds like an exhausting, involved project for any homeowner and their busy schedule, the professionals at Tarzan Tree Service are equipped with the skills, tools, and equipment to remove your tree stump safely and quickly.

As you might have imagined, there will be some extra space on your property now that the stump is gone! But for homeowners with a green thumb, it can function as something of a “clean slate.” Want to plant another tree? Explore new ideas for your landscape where the stump once was? With our stump removal process, you can!

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is far less intensive and usually quicker to carry out. We’ll use machines to shred the stump down into small wood chips. While your tree’s roots are left behind, the chips can be repurposed as mulch for other plants throughout your landscape. Although it’s a relatively straightforward aesthetic booster, if people in the household are sensitive to air pollutants, or if you are planning on planting in the future, this option may not be optimal.

Which Is Best?

It depends! Whether you’re looking for a fast and affordable solution or a complete extraction with a tree stump removal near Virginia Beach, VA, our arborists are happy to deliver first-rate services. Don’t let these options leave you “stumped” — contact Tarzan Tree Service today to speak with one of our friendly experts about which one is best for you!

It’s happened to almost everyone at some point during the spring or summer — you see a baby bird on the ground, and you wonder if you should try to save him or her. You may even have been doing some landscaping or tree pruning in Virginia Beach and accidentally knocked the bird to the ground yourself. Knowing what to do in this situation can potentially save the bird’s life.

“Curb appeal” is a term that real estate professionals use to refer to your home’s exterior aesthetic value. If you have high curb appeal, it means that your home looks more attractive. This can allow you to potentially sell or rent your home for more money.

Winter is approaching, and this is the perfect time of year for pruning and trimming back trees. As the most reputable provider of tree pruning in Virginia Beach, we’ve created this post to explain why it’s so important to take care of the trees surrounding your home before the cold weather arrives.

Most homeowners deal will tree removal issues, and these problems don’t necessarily end when a tree is cut down. As the leading provider of stump removal Virginia Beach, we help hundreds of homes and businesses remove tree stumps every year. Sometimes stump removal can be time-consuming and costly, as roots can burrow deep below the ground and structures above ground.

While people are eager to start pruning their gardens in the fall as they rake away leaves and replace their mulch, it’s always better to wait until wintertime. As the leading providers of tree pruning services in Norfolk and the nearby regions, we advise waiting until the late winter to prune plants and trees, as this is the time when they are dormant.

Why Wait Until Late Winter to Prune Trees?

In late winter, wounds heal faster when the trees and plants are trimmed, helping to keep them healthy. Also, there is less risk of disease and pest infestation during the colder weather. In winter, there is less sap flowing through trees, and although sap doesn’t hurt the tree, it is a messy substance and can be attractive to pests. Finally, it’s much easier to see what you are doing when the leaves have fallen and tree foundations and branch networks become more visible.

Some standard rules should be applied when considering winter pruning:

Don’t Prune When It’s Wet

As a rule of thumb, never prune when conditions are damp outside. If you do, you run the risk of spreading many diseases. The wet weather encourages microbes to grow; these microbes will thrive in the open areas of plants and trees created by trimming. We recommend waiting until the sun comes out, when mold and bacteria can be killed by the heat and UV rays.

Good Pruning Techniques

When conditions are suitable for pruning, focus on removing any dying or dead branches. If you see a branch that looks sick or damaged, cut directly between the body of the plant and the diseased spot. When branches cross or rub each other, cut off the smaller branch. It’s also good practice to cut any low hanging branches that could get stuck in your lawnmower or become a tripping hazard. If you leave a stub sticking out from a branch, it’s a perfect environment for insects to thrive, so avoid this at all costs.

For additional information or to contact the most reputable providers of tree pruning in Chesapeake and the surrounding areas, reach out to Tarzan Tree Service today.

If you’re a homeowner, you want your property to be worth as much as possible—even if you aren’t currently thinking about selling your place. “Curb appeal” is a real estate term that refers to how attractive a property looks from the exterior of the home. Having high curb appeal increases the value of the property and attracts more buyers, which makes it particularly important if you want to sell your home in the coming years.

Summer is the most important season of the year when it comes to tree maintenance and tree pruning in Norfolk. Trees do most of their growing in the spring — which means by the time summer rolls around, branches and trunks are most likely to be growing into the road or otherwise causing a nuisance to property owners. If you haven’t started your summer pruning yet, use our quick list of do’s and don’ts to keep your trees happy, healthy, and good-looking.

Do you have a suspicion that you might have a pest infestation in your home? Termites are one of the most nefarious uninvited guests that you can find on your property, and even a small colony of termites can cause long-lasting damage to your house’s wood. If you notice any of these symptoms, you might have termites.

From Christmas chestnuts to mouthwatering maple syrup, trees provide us with a number of bountiful treats that we love to eat. But in a survival situation, is it possible to consume parts of a tree itself? While scavenging experts and providers of emergency tree services in Norfolk alike agree that trees shouldn’t be your first choice when it comes to wilderness fare, a surprising portion of most trees is edible. Some of your options when it comes to consuming parts of a tree include:

Providers of tree services in Chesapeake know that one of the most magical times of the year for homeowners and property owners is when the spring season arrives in Virginia and the leaves of the trees begin to take bloom. But what should you do if the weather starts to warm up and your favorite tree fails to burst into its signature blossoms? A deciduous tree that doesn’t grow leaves or flowers in the spring is the first sign of trouble that many property owners fear—the possibility that their tree is dead or dying.

At Tarzan Tree Service, LLC, we provide more than reliable stump grinding in Virginia Beach. We also understand that in the wake of a severe storm, it can leave you and your home with a variety of issues, like broken branches and limbs, standing water, downed power lines, and more. Not only does this create a mess around your house, but it also can be a risk to your safety.

It is said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When it comes to winter tree maintenance, this statement couldn’t be any more accurate. At Tarzan Tree Service, LLC, we don't just perform tree pruning in Norfolk. We also provide our customers with winter tree maintenance, to ensure that their shrubs and trees are healthy, beautiful, and look their best when spring arrives.

One of the most universally recognizable signs that fall has arrived is the annual changing of the leaves. As soon as the temperature starts to drop, residents of Virginia are treated to hues of orange, red, and yellow in their trees. But why do leaves change color at all?

Many property owners are concerned about the life and health of their trees. After all, it’s recommended that you call for tree and tree stump removal in Virginia Beach, VA as soon as you know that a tree is failing, in order to keep your home, business, or land safe. The onset of the winter season brings a large number of questions on tree health. While everyone knows that trees lose their leaves in the winter, not many tree owners know how these trees make it through the cold of the first frost without contracting an illness or dying.

Some trees are a nuisance—whether they’re posing a health hazard to other trees on the property due to pests or they have broken branches that pose a property liability, there’s an endless list of reason why residents request tree removal in Norfolk. However, not all trees are created equally.

This year, Virginia has seen an increase in flash flooding. Along with rising water levels and sudden storms, this means that more and more trees are becoming damaged due to lightning.

But why is lightning more likely to strike a tree…and what happens when it does?

While having a big, beautiful tree on your property may help boost the appearance of your entire property, it can definitely be a handful to manage. Making sure your tree is trimmed on a regular basis can help lead to the tree living a longer, more healthy life. Those looking for a dependable tree trimming company in Chesapeake should look no further than Tarzan Tree Service, LLC.

It’s not rare to find a dead tree on your property. Maybe the tree was already dead when you moved into your home, or the tree has just recently died. If you have been putting off removing a dead tree on your property, give our experts at Tarzan Tree Service, LLC. today.

As one of the leading tree trimming companies in Virginia Beach, VA, we have been removing dead trees for homeowners all across Virginia for years. Here are a few simple reasons to give us a call today.

Are you worried the next big storm is going to cause you property damage? Well, there’s no better time than spring to give the trees on your property a fresh, clean look. When you call us here Tarzan Tree Service for your tree trimming needs in Chesapeake, you’re getting a company that knows how to care for the health and beauty of your trees, as well as your own personal safety.

If you have trees on your property, you've probably wondered whether or not they are healthy enough to withstand upcoming years on your property. While healthy trees are beautiful and add to the local environment, unhealthy or diseased trees can put you, your family, and even the rest of the trees on your property at risk.

Happy holidays! Have you been staying warm as the temperature starts to drop into the freezing levels? Now that the colder temperatures are here, you'll want to take special care to ensure that you're prepared for the damage that a blizzard or hail storm can cause to the trees and shrubbery on your property.

Happy holidays! Have you been staying warm as the temperature starts to drop into the freezing levels? Now that the colder temperatures are here, you'll want to take special care to ensure that you're prepared for the damage that a blizzard or hail storm can cause to the trees and shrubbery on your property.

The decision to remove a tree is never an easy one. This can be especially true if the tree has remained in a family's yard for years or was planted by one of the residents. However, there are some instances in which it's necessary for both the safety of the home and family and the health of the remaining plants in the yard to call our tree service in Norfolk for tree removal.

Most people know that trees require a large amount of sunlight to grow to their full size thanks to their massive needs. However, just like giving a plant too much water is bad for it, your tree can actually be damaged by too much sunlight.

Many homeowners have a dead tree on their property. The tree might be standing, or it may have been struck down by a storm, but there's no doubt when a tree is dead. If you've been putting off calling us at Tarzan Tree Service, the leading tree service in Chesapeake, to take care of a dead or dying tree on your property, here are three good reasons to pick up the phone today.

Dead trees can be a huge hassle for property owners- they're big, they're awkwardly shaped, and they're difficult to move around because they're so heavy. This causes many homeowners just to ignore the dead tree in their yard instead of removing it as they should. But did you know that a dead tree might not be totally devoid of life?

There are some chores that tend to get pushed off forever. After all, who doesn't have a room in their basement that needs to be cleaned out or an outlet that has been broken for awhile?

If you’ve got an unsightly or dead tree in your yard, you’ve probably considered having it removed. Removing your tree yourself can be dangerous, so be sure to call the experts in tree removal in Chesapeake at Tarzan Tree Service. But how do the experts clear your yard? Here’s what to expect when you call the pros.

Trees are such a natural and vital part of life that it can be easy to overlook when they need attention. If the trees on your property are not maintained, they can cause other issues that affect your home. Fallen branches and leaves can dirty gutters and roofs, leading to potential hazards. Trees that aren't trimmed are particularly susceptible to storm damage and can cause health concerns for both people and the environment.

What can be so hard about cutting and pruning your own trees?

It’s actually extremely difficult, yet too many people attempt to do it themselves and leave their landscaping looking worse than just a few hours prior.

Now you’re left even more frustrated!

As the experts on tree removal in Chesapeake, VA and across the Hampton Roads area, we know a few things about uprooting and disposing of a large wooden burden. Despite doing our fair share of removing them, we do enjoy a tastefully green property and do our part to maintain the trees of the community.

Although trees are strong, tall, independent living things, they still need some loving care every once in awhile. Winter is approaching, and although trees are designed to withstand harsh, cold conditions, you can also take a few steps to prepare your trees for winter storms and snow. But remember, if you do need tree services in Virginia Beach, VA, and other local areas, or even 24/7 emergency tree removal, you can always rely on us here Tarzan Tree Services.

There are three common forms that a young tree comes in: Burlap wrapped, potted and seedling. Each of the three options requires a slightly different approach to planting.

At Tarzan Tree Service, we handle those green giants after they go in the ground with everything from stump removal in Norfolk to pruning in Chesapeake. Getting them in the ground, however, is up to the property owner.

At Tarzan Tree Service, we’re known for tree removal in Norfolk, and across Hampton Roads. We take pride in being able to safely and effectively get rid of trees, but we also like to see new ones planted.

Putting a small seedling into the ground, can be a rewarding experience, especially for a young family that can watch it grow to dozens of feet in height. A good tree can almost feel like a family member, or at least a part of the home itself. Some studies even show that a mature tree can add significantly to the property value of a home.

Now that we’ve officially made it into Summer, we can expect plenty of warm, sunny days. Summer, just like any season brings with it a few strong storms which can be quite rough on unprepared trees. As one of the premier tree service companies in Virginia Beach, VA, we feel it’s our duty to help best prepare your beautiful green giants for the elements that endanger them.

As one of the premier tree service companies in Chesapeake, VA, we know our way around a trunk and a few branches. While we do a lot of cutting, pruning, trimming, grinding and removal, we do our best to promote the natural majesty of greenery in our area. It’s a thing of beauty to see a tree last generations on a property, becoming a part of being at home.

Planting a tree can be a meaningful process to share, particularly with young ones as they’ll be able to witness its growth for decades. It’s also nice to share the labor of working on a property and nurturing a small plantlet into a fully grown giant. So where do you plant your tree?

Imagine you’re out enjoying yourself, maybe visiting with friends or just taking a quick drive to the coast. You return home, and as you step out of your car, you notice a few branches and leaves on the ground in front of your house just beneath one of your trees. You look up to discover that the tree at the front of your property has been cut down to an ugly and unsymmetrical growth, a strange, off-center ”V” shape. Immediately you begin to wonder:

How many trees are there on the block where you live? On the block where you work? Don’t know?

Trees aren’t something that most people count. When you perform tree removal in Virginia Beach or work in agriculture, you might pay attention, but for the average person, trees are something we rarely pay attention to. The fact of the matter is that we need plants, all greenery helps our environment. Those tall greens are more than just scenery; they do a lot of important things for us.

Well, it looks like the Sun is peaking through those branches later into these milder days. With the frost-bitten days of winter are now melting into the past, you may be wondering exactly what to do to prepare your greenery for the upcoming warmer months. For us at Tarzan Tree Service, warmer weather carries the winds of trimming and pruning season. If you want to keep your branches and trunks healthy, here are three ways to prepare for spring.

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